As you may have gathered from the past, everything homey is my passion. And now, when it is nice and warm outside I wanted to do something fun outdoors without neccesserily eaving my home. So, the solution was simple - gardening! 

Let me tell you something - I am not young and being bent for several hours straight weeding out that annoyig weed did not sound like fun to me at all. So, I had to find a good solution that would save me my back and money. And I did - it was simple, yet very effective - MULCH. 

Now, there are two kinds of mulches organic and inorganic. I chose to use organic one because it has a lot of great benefits. However, to be fair inorganic mulch has tons of benefits of its own, but this time I chose to go with organic mulch, which is made of wood chipd, leaves and other debris. I just thought i is a great circle of life and it made me smile. 

2 Kinds of Mulch I considered: 

Red Mulch - Red mulch can refer to either wood chips that are dyed to give them a reddish color or to large sheets of red plastic. When used properly, both types can provide traditional mulching benefits, such as regulating temperature, conserving water, reducing weeds and adding nutrients to the soil. I personally like how the green color pops up on the red background, bu this could be just me. 

Black Mulch is probably my favorite. Apparently, this is mulch of choice for many households. Black mulch can be made of organic materials like shredded hard wood, bark chips and grass clippings. A lot of people prefer it because it offers a nice background to the colors of their beautiful flowers. Since I am a big piony fan, I thought I would not take attention from my pretty flowers and ordered some black mulch. 

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