I have been having an issue with our company’s cleaning contractor lately. They either hate my cubicle so much that they just ignore it or don’t know about it’s existence. As a result, I never get a privilege of using a clean working space. So, I created my own checklist (after I spoke to my manager about the issue) and wanted to share with everyone here. May be some you, folks, don’t even have a luxury of having an office cleaning company working for you. So, there it is:

Daily cleaning procedures should include cleaning the reception area and individual work stations:

    • Empty wastebaskets, wash if necessary.
    • Vacuum all carpeted flooring
    • Sweep and mop all hardwood flooring with disinfectant
    • Dust all surfaces to reduce chances of germs and bacteria related sickness
    • Disinfect surface areas
    • Wipe away fingerprints and smudges on door handles and light switches
    • Polish any necessary components like brass or bright work on doors and cabinets
    • Spot clean where necessary
    • Stock toilet tissues, hand towels, soap, and hand sanitizer
    • Clean and polish mirrors
    • Mop and disinfect bathroom and kitchen flooring
    • Toilets and urinals cleaned and disinfected inside and out
  • Weekly cleaning tasks include:
    • Buff out all hard floors
    • Clean all windows
  • Monthly cleaning
    • Vacuum vents and chairs

Those daily cleaning tasks take about 20 minutes, but keep your office healthy. A cleaning company will take of that (if you have one), but you have to be prepared to tackle those issues yourself.  Moreover, to stop germ spreading there are several essential tips that will protect you from getting sick especially in a colder season.

Wash your hands frequently, especially before handling food and after using the bathroom. It is recommended that you scrub your hands with soap and warm water for 10-15 seconds, then rinse well before drying with a disposable paper towel.

Keep keyboards, phones, and copiers germ free by using disinfectant wipes to regularly clean items you share with others.

Have your office dusted regularly. Dust and dirt can accumulate indoors, which pose risks especially to people with allergies and asthma.

Make sure that your ventilation system is working properly.

To prevent dust and dirt from settling on your keyboard you can buy a plastic cover fitted to your keyboards keys they’re easier to clean, too.

Make it a habit to keep a small bottle of disinfectant alcohol or hand sanitizer handy.

If your office is carpeted, have it regularly vacuumed.

Have the trash cans preferably with lids taken out and emptied every day.

And by the way, after I spoke to my manager, they hired another office cleaning company and now everything looks a lot better. Something must be said for fighting for your simple right of having a clean workspace!

Stay healthy and clean!

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